What Do You Want in a Shop?

Loretta Spears was a legendary needlepoint designer, best known for her Mystery Projects, which still are popular. Recently Lara Hartley has been stitching many of her projects, both large and small and blogging about them in Diet Pepsi & Xanax. Jane Wood is working on a comprehensive listing of Loretta’s projects (which can be elusive). […]

Is This You?

Woman Embroidering by August Macke

Here’s a portrait of the average needlepointer: You make about 13 projects per year About 1/3 of your projects use materials from your stash You spend between $600 and $800 on materials for all your projects, about 30% more than cross stitchers and knitters, and about twice ass much as crocheters You spend about $100 […]

Finishing your Needlepoint

Which do you do with your needlepoint that’s completely stitched? finish it myself as each piece is completed have each piece finished as it is completed wait until there are a bunch of pieces and finish them myself wait until there are a bunch of pieces and have them finished stick them someplace and hope […]

What Would You Like to See?

I’m making plans for what I’m going to be doing on this blog for the next few months and I’d love your opinion. So here’s a tiny poll asking you what you’d like to see. You don’t have to pick one answer, you can pick both. If you’d like something else, or have a designer […]