Licensing, Copyright, Trademarks & You

from Wikimedia Commons

Can I Stitch It? This question is perennial and comes up often. “Can I make a needlepoint of [insert your favorite tream, candy bar, or cartoon character]?” The short answer is Yes, but . . . These things are all examples of materials that are licensed, trademarked, or copyrighted. Items of this kind may not […]

Is it Legal? – Needlepoint and Copyright

from Wikimedia Commons

Do you ever find yourself wondering if a design you love is under copyright? If it’s OK to make a copy of that pattern for a friend? If that canvas you saw on eBay that looks suspiciously like one you saw on a designer’s site is legal? All these questions have to do with copyright. […]

Copyright and Stitching a Building

Get many ideas for stitches in this great sale (Canvas by Art Needlepoint, stitched by Janet M Perry, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint)

Someone asked on a mailing list I’m on about what needed to be considered when you wanted to cross stitch or needlepoint a building. Since that is really fun to do and since you might want to move beyond stitching your own home, I thought I would share with you some of what I’ve discovered […]

The Difference between Licensing & Copyright & Why It Matters

Shakespeare's works were a big motivator in the first copyright laws. (public domain)

There is an alarming trend I’m seeing in the needlepoint world. Far too many companies, both large and small, are playing fast & loose with images they cannot reproduce and sell. I was discussing the difference between licensing & copyright with a friend over the weekend. I suspect that some of the problem comes from […]