Think that Stash Canvas Won’t Work for You? Think Again

Take an old canvas, punch it up a bit & get a new project.

Don’t we all have those moments when we look at the canvases in our stash and say “What was I thinking?” Yep, me too. But they shouldn’t be causes for despair. With all the great threads and embellishments out there, we can take that old canvas and punch it up to be something we’ll love. [...]

Exciting Needlepoint in Pittsburgh in April

Come visit me at Needlepoint Breeze next month.

Do you live in Western Pennsylvania? Are you looking for help to pick you perfect canvas? Are you perplexed by a canvas in your stash and would like suggestions for what to do? Then help is on the way! On Wednesday, April 23, I’ll be at Needlepoint Breeze in Pittsburgh for a full day of [...]

Roses Are Red Scissors Case

Whimsy & grace scissors case & needlepoint stitch guide

Originally posted 2006-10-14 06:02:41. Republished by Blog Post PromoterHere’s the most recent of the Whimsy & grace stitcher’s accessories, Roses Are Red Scissors case. Don’t you just love it!There are lots of fun stitches here, so not only is the case delightful in itself, you’ll get lots of ideas about new stitches to use on [...]

New and Different Ideas for Pincushions

Needlepoint can make a lovely pincushion

You probably are familiar with the tomato pincushion, but did you ever think that these prosaic items could be the springboard for some unusual needlepoint finishing? There are plenty of tutorials out there for making pincushions and you can adapt many of them to needlepoint. Make sure when you do that any fabric you use [...]