Making Needlepoint Samplers Personal

small stitch needlepoint sampler, designed by needlepoint expert Janet M> Perry

Sometimes I envy cross stitchers. There the sampler tradition is so strong and the idea of adding touches making a sampler personalized is often built into the design. For needlepoint samplers this is rarely the case. Needlepoint samplers. my own included, are projects that give examples of many stitches. That’s just fine, but what do [...]

Design Needlepoint for Non-designers in this Upcoming Class

Learn to use quilts to make original needlepoint, copyright Napa Neeflepoint

Would you love to design your own needlepoint? But, I hear you saying to yourself “I’m not an artist.” The good news is that there is an easily available source for all the original designs you want. It’s a source that has been used successfully by many non-artists to make lovely works. And it’s a [...]

Are You Afraid of Combining Colors? Here’s Help

Originally posted 2012-06-11 07:05:18. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Jane Wood pointed out this wonderful post on Ravelry about how to combine colors last week. For many of us, we’re fine as long as the colors are picked for us as they are on painted canvases. But move away from this and we’re afraid. We [...]