Celtic Art in Cross Stitch – book review

Originally posted 2003-09-18 06:56:49. Republished by Blog Post PromoterCeltic Art in Cross Stitch Barbara Hammet I just love Barbara’s two other books of cross stitch designs (Art Nouveau and William Morris), so I was delighted to see this new books. The book opens with a very good introduction about Celtic Art which looks at it [...]

Bundles of Needlepoint on Pinterest

For all these years I’ve been doing needlepoint, I’ve always seen things that inspire me: great ideas, lovely needlepoint, cool techniques. And until recently I’ve kept these by making notebooks, lots and lots of notebooks. But there are several problems with them. They are not organized take up too much space new ones can be [...]

Needlepoint and Art

Originally posted 2002-10-12 22:39:33. Republished by Blog Post PromoterAs a needlepointer, I find that often my work gets trivialized by artists and by people who do other fiber arts. Needlepoint suffers from a “little old lady” syndrome, which is completely out of sync with the reality of the art we produce, which is often far [...]