Symphony in Flesh Color and Pink

My favorite artist I Whistler. I have loved him since high school. I’m reading a new biography of him and it has made me realize just how much I love him. It’s also made me realize how, decades after I first saw them, his paintings delight me. It’s also made me realize why I have [...]

How to Use a Gray Scale to Improve your Needlepoint


You may have seen them — cards with various shades of white, gray, and black with holes punched in each color. They also have values printed on them, sometimes listed as percentages. They don’t look very useful for a stitcher. This tool, a value scale, can quickly and easily improve your needlepoint. What is a [...]

Color Grid – Product Review

The Color Grid makes choosing great colors easy

Gail Callahan, $7.95 The subtitle for this little tool says you can “Take the Mystery out of Selecting Color.” and it does a fantastic job of doing just that. The grid consists of a detachable template you use to refine your choices, plus a tri-fold color grid. The grid has 14 colors, the end two [...]

ANG Seminar Winners & Design

needlepoint Naoshima Sunset by Llois Kershner

Originally posted 2011-01-21 07:35:36. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Each year, ANG invites someone to provide an on-line version of the National Seminar Exhibit. Called What Is Needlepoint? It’s a wonderful bit of eye candy and a superb look at excellence in needlework. The entry for the 2010 exhibit just made its debut earlier this [...]

Adapt this Idea to Needlepoint


Originally posted 2011-04-23 07:43:12. Republished by Blog Post Promoter See this lovely picture of a mountainscape? CRAFT has a video on how to adapt it to making a lovely modern painting. But I kept thinking about how wonderful it would be as needlepoint. Following their instructions, create an irregular edge the width of your finished [...]