Irish Stitch (Bargello) Wallet

Originally posted 2008-09-29 07:32:08. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI found a post this morning on a blog “My Crazy RevWar Life” about a charming wallet made in Irish Stitch, which is another name for Bargello, usually applied to Bargello on cloth. In the post she includes link to instructions on how to stitch Bargello, the […] Beginner’s Needlepoint Kit Review


You want to learn needlepoint. Are you ready to go? Book? Check. Canvas? Check. Thread? Check. Needles? Check. At the risk of sounding like Guy Fieri (now what did I forget?), oh yes, I forgot turning the project into something so I will be more motivated actually to stitch and finish my first piece. For […]

Use Bargello for Necklaces

Necklace with Bargello needlepoint designed by A Alicia and available on etsy

Originally posted 2012-03-23 07:28:36. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThese embroidered necklaces from A Alicia aren’t my style, I’m more traditional. They do show a really creative use of small buts of Bargello. Thanks to my daughter who finds these, and many other delightful things on the blog design sponge.

Superbowl Stitching

Originally posted 2007-02-04 07:26:45. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI suppose you could say I’m clearly a child of the 70’s. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA when the Steelers were great. As a result, I love football. I got married in 1980 in the SF Bay Area and so I got to watch a second […]

Self-finishing Needlebooks

BIrds of a Feather needlecase available from Nimble Needle

Originally posted 2010-12-03 07:37:29. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis is just one of several charming needlebooks from Birds of a Feather that you can stitch quickly and are complete, so they become a finished gift quickly. They are 4″ long, so they can hold more than just needles and have several wool pages inside them, […]