Step-by-step — Finish a Self-finishing Bag


Originally posted 2010-12-18 07:50:48. Republished by Blog Post Promoter One of my favorite gifts to give is to put a great piece of needlepoint into a self-finishing bag, accessory or ornament. It is so easy to do and is a great gift. That’s why I was so delighted when Robin King over at Needlepoint Study [...]

New Needlepoint Projects – October 2009

Originally posted 2009-10-06 07:17:52. Republished by Blog Post PromoterWith the On-line Needlework Show opening tomorrow, there will be another post with more great needlepoint on Thursday, but I wanted to share with you the many wonderful new threads, projects, finishing items, and canvases I’ve come across lately. Canvases I love Christmas ornaments and a new [...]

How to Finish an Open Background Needlepoint Ornament

This Charley Harper mini-sock was finished as an ornament.

Today’s guest post comes from my wonderful finisher (and great stitcher) Leigh Shafer of Sedona, AZ. I stitched the ornament pictured here, a vintage (and very small) Charley Harper mini-sock) and Leigh finished it. Her pictures and instructions are below. When there is a lot of bare canvas, you want to be careful about the [...]

New and Different Ideas for Pincushions

Needlepoint can make a lovely pincushion

You probably are familiar with the tomato pincushion, but did you ever think that these prosaic items could be the springboard for some unusual needlepoint finishing? There are plenty of tutorials out there for making pincushions and you can adapt many of them to needlepoint. Make sure when you do that any fabric you use [...]

Lee Leather Ornament Rounds — Product Review

Lee Needle Arts Luggage Tag

I have made dozens of ornaments using the Lee Luggage Tags but often I’ve found myself wanting something a bit bigger. So I was very excited a few years ago when the bigger ornament round came out. I just have only gotten a chance to test them recently. I am disappointed on several counts. First [...]