Needlepoint 101 from DMC

Originally posted 2011-08-20 07:16:42. Republished by Blog Post PromoterDMC has started a short series on beginning needlepoint on their blog. The first post has lots of information on the basics of canvas and thread. The second post talks about selecting threads. What I love about this post is that they have stitched examples, done on [...]

Learn Needlepoint Shading in this New Book

copyright Janet M. Perry & Art Needlepoint

It used to be that stitchers were not encouraged to try shading needlepoint at all until they had stitched quite awhile. Even then it was generally only needleblending that was taught. That notion ended up restricting our needlepoint, keeping it from looking as good as it could. We didn’t needleblend unless we had to, ending [...]

Learn 25 Byzantine Stitches in this Cyberclass

This class begins Friday, don’t miss out on this wonderful class that explores a great stitch. Register using the button below. Although their zig-zag pattern is a strong one, Byzantine Stitches, and their close variation Jacquard, are very useful and delightful stitches. They are also the next class in my popular 25 Stitches Cyberclass series, [...]