Great Diagonal Stitches in New Class

(copyright Napa Needlepoint)

Diagonal Stitches, from Tent to the largest length of Gobelin, they are the workhorses of needlepoint stitches. They are also the focus of my upcoming 25 Stitches class. These three-lesson email classes are notebook classes with a twist — a sampler project showcasing the stitches. In the first two lessons you’ll learn the stitches, using […]

Learn Some Needlepoint with These Outstanding Videos

Susan has just made a great set of introductory needlepoint videos

Originally posted 2008-10-18 07:44:22. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Susan Battle, owner of The Point of It All in Washington, DC has just made a set of free videos showing the basics of how to do needlepoint. I just watched them and can’t recommend then highly enough. Susan’s explanations are clear, the photography is sharp […]