Assorted Needlepoint News


Orna Willis has just added instruction books for several of her designs to her Etsy shop. She’s well-known for her innovative needlepoint jewelry and for her wonderful use of color in her designs. If you love her pieces but want different colors, you can save big by buying the PDF instruction books. Kim Smith’s whimsical [...]

New Club for Charted Canvas Fans

Laura Perin's new Counted Canvas Club project

Don’t you just love this new design from Laura Perin? The newest piece in her long panel series is a club exclusive to Nordic Needle. The design, Nordic Panel, is “a really fun 10-month project that uses fresh, festive “Nordic” colors of red, blue and green.” Done over ten months each section has a different [...]

What Do You Want to Know about Color in Needlepoint?

Color is an endlessly fascinating subject, the stuff of books, classes, and discussion. All too often though, these resources come up short when the question of color in needlepoint comes up. The past two years my needlepoint color clubs (both still available here) have explored color in various ways. The first year, Color, Thread, & [...]

Monthly Clubs Perfect for Learning & Stitching

autumn trees bargello needlepoint mini-sock, designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

My big problem with most needlepoint clubs is that they are just too expensive. Once you buy the canvas and the threads and the instruction each month, you’ve spent lots of money. For me to do that I have to love the project. Really love it. I wanted to create needlepoint clubs that were different. [...]

Announcing Predictable Results

vessels needlepoint canvas stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry demonstrates many ways to create dimension and depth

Ever since I began stitching, I’ve wished there was a series of lessons that would teach me in-depth the things I always find myself asking about needlepoint. Things like: threads in-depth: how to read a label, cut a skein, or understand their construction color: what it is, how to create color schemes, and how to [...]