Ideas for Storing Your Beads

For stitchers bead storage should be small and clear and have separate tops. (photo from Darice)

As beads and embellishments become more popular, stitchers look for ways to store and organize beads, sequins, and other small embellihsments. Whatever you pick, look for these features. Clear – A label may not be enough to tell color. Your containers should be clear, not translucent. Small – Many bead containers are too big for [...]

Bead Embroidery – Book Review

copyright Royal School of Needlework

Essential Stitch Guides, Search Press, 2013, ISBN: 978-1844489237, $21.95 The newest book in the Royal School of Needlework series, this little volume is one of the best. While light on basic how-tos, it has an extensive and nicely written history of beadwork (often given short shrift in these books), and has tons of stitch diagrams. [...]

Glorious Beaded and Stitched Jewelry in Upcoming Workshop

copyright Aimee Sweet-Macnamara

Soutache is the name of CyberPointers’ upcoming workshop with Amee Sweet-MacNamara. In it you’ll bead and stitch this lovely set that can be either a necklace or a necklace and earrings. On the page for the workshop, Amee says, “In comparison to time-honored crafts like knitting and crochet, “Soutache & Bead Embroidery,” which has only [...]

Bead Buddy from the Elizabeth Turner Collection – Product Review

elizabeth turner collection bead buddy

Although there are some times the Bead Buddy from the Elizabeth Turner Collection won’t work, they are rare and it’s a marvelous, clever, and immensely useful tool for stitchers who use small embellishments. It is a small (about 1×2) covered plastic box. Double-side foam tape is at the bottom to make a sticky padding base [...]