Jubilee Free Sampler Project – Needlepoint Plaid

Needlepoint plaid block, copyright 
Napa Needlepoint

This week we finish up the middle column of blocks with Shoofly. It goes next to Spool to finish up this column. The featured technique is needlepoint plaids. It uses a quilt block called Shoofly, one of the simplest nine-patch blocks. Needlepoint plaids were developed in the Needlepoint Renaissance of the 1970s. The sophistication of […]

Stitching the Plaid Needlepoint – Blog Stitching

This L'esprit de France canvas will be blog stitched (canvas from The Point of It All)

Tartan plaids have a timeless appeal. One year they might be very trendy, another year they may have disappeared from the closets of the fashionable, but they never go away completely. While I’ve stitched plenty of charted tartans, stitching this stitch-painted canvas is going to be a new venture for me. Throughout this month, I’ll […]

Tartans and Needlepoint – A Clarification

The actual tartan registry showing woven samples from The Scottish Registry of Tartans

Originally posted 2010-09-01 17:24:00. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThere is talk going around the internet yet again, that it is illegal to chart Scottish tartans except for personal use. I have done extensive research and corresponded with the Official Tartan Registry in the UK about this. Quite simply, this assertion in untrue except in limited […]