Seeing Plaid?

copyright Napa Needlepoint

Do you know that you can make almost anything into a plaid that in turn can be charted and stitched as needlepoint or cross stitch? That’s right, you can. With my custom plaid service you can get either a personal plaid, otherwise known as a birthday plaid, for any name and/or date combination. With my […]

Adapting Plaids to Needlepoint

Plaid fabric

Originally posted 2008-11-28 06:54:25. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Plaids are one of the easiest types of fabric to adapt to needlepoint. Especially symmetrical plaids, such as tartans, make wonderful needlepoint. First we’ll talk about plaids and how they are constructed, then we’ll cover how to turn that into needlepoint. Plaids are woven patterns of […]

Jubilee Free Sampler Project – Needlepoint Plaid

Needlepoint plaid block, copyright 
Napa Needlepoint

This week we finish up the middle column of blocks with Shoofly. It goes next to Spool to finish up this column. The featured technique is needlepoint plaids. It uses a quilt block called Shoofly, one of the simplest nine-patch blocks. Needlepoint plaids were developed in the Needlepoint Renaissance of the 1970s. The sophistication of […]

Blog-stitching a Plaid — the Results

canvas from The Point of It All, photo & stitching by Janet M. Perry

In the previous articles in this series, I talked about stitching plaids in general and about how to analyze a plaid for stitching. It’s time to start stitching the plaid. I made two decisions. The first was to treat the single lines as solid lines of stitching. The second was to highlight most of these […]

Blog Stitching – Analyzing the Plaid

This L'esprit de France canvas will be blog stitched (canvas from The Point of It All)

When a plaid is woven, it’s really two sets of stripes that intersect. Tartan patterns arre called setts. These patterns are registered and are used to create and weave specific named plaids. You can express plaids as one or two sets of stripes in a similar way. One set of stripes is done if the […]