More Shadow Stitching – book review

Originally posted 2004-03-17 07:23:21. Republished by Blog Post Promoterdede Ogden, self-published, 2005 dede’s canvases are well-known for their lovely shaded painting and many stitchers have asked her about ways to stitch these canvases without needing to blend colors. She developed Shadow Stitching as a way to stitch them easily, by allowing the painting to show [...]

Realistic Stitching Effects in New Cyberclass

Create realistic effects in this upcoming class

This design, Afternoon Pond, is so beautifully tranquil I just want to walk into it and nap in a hammock under a tree. But stitching something that is both tranquil and realistic can be a real challenge (and not peaceful at all). That’s why you’ll love this class. In the three lessons you’ll learn how [...]

A Wealth of Stitches and Techniques in my New Class

This glorious canvas is the project for my upcoming class.

Rich in color, but bold without fussy details, Donna Horn’s Afternoon Pond is a glorious base for needlepoint. In my upcoming cyberclass, held in conjunction with Art Needlepoint, you’ll be able to stitch this canvas easily while learning new techniques, stitches and effects. Shadow stitching, pattern darning, and textured stitches are among the techniques explored [...]

Sample Many Techniques in this Upcoming Class

amaryllis needlepoint, class by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Needlepoint classes often fall into broad categories: they either teach you many different stitches or they concentrate on one technique. There’s nothing wrong with this. In a stitch class, you’ll get so many new ideas to spiff up your needlepoint projects. In a technique class you’ll get a chance to learn, and practice one thing [...]

Needlepoint Landscapes – New Book

needlepoint landscapes technique book by janet m. perry and doreen finkle

The second book in the Art & Needlepoint series is now available on Amazon. The title says “beginner” but any stitcher will delight in these wonderful ideas for stitching anything you find in a landscape: fields, trees, hills, water, skies, and more. Not too toot my own horn, but this is the book on stitching [...]