An Example of Putting It All Together – Part 1

Lee Needle Arts canvas, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

I think many stitchers will find the second section of The Needlepoint Book extremely helpful The last chapter of this section, Putting It All Together, summarizes the issues in the other seven chapters with a series of questionnaires. I thought it would be great if I took my most recent canvas (from Lee Needle Arts) […]

Man from Glad!

copyright Hugs & Stitches

You might know the trick out of the way until you need them again. Or using French clothes pins to holde canvas rolled up. In a recent post, Suzanne of Hugs & Stitches, clued is into fantastic uses for two unlikely items — glad wrap and bra tape. Check it out!

When Tent Stitch is the Right Stitch

There's no doubt about focal point and background in this kimono, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

Over at The Owl Stitchery Blog Mary Waldsmith has a post about when Tent is absolutely the correct stitch to use. She’s absolutely right about that. Every canvas should have some areas of Tent on it. There are lots of other reasons when Tent is the right choice: You want to learn how to control […]

Overdyed Threads Techniques for Painted Canvas

Learn great techniques for Overdyed Threads in this class, copyright Napa Needlepoint

Have you struggled to use Overdyed Threads on your painted canvases only to get ugly diagonal lines of colors? It’s put you off these lovely threads for life. It happened to me the first time I used overdyes as well. Loving the threads, but frustrated by the results, I have developed great (and easy) ways […]

Introducing Stitches for Needlepoint Classes

Originally posted 2013-01-10 07:01:58. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Have you been frustrated because you don’t feel confident in picking stitches to go with a thread? Do you wish you had a notebook that you could use that showed you stitch variations, stitches in different threads and stitching effects? Are you always wanting to try […]