Diagonal Mosaic Variation in Log Cabin Sampler

copyright Napa Needlepoint

The second log in the major color uses a nice variation of Diagonal Mosaic that is an easy stitch for anyone to learn. Diagonal Mosaic is often one of the first textured stitches new needlepointers learn. That’s because it is stitched in diagonal rows alternating the Tent Stitch you learned with an extended Tent Stitch […]

Doodle Needlepoint – Stitchlady’s Project

Stitchlady took up Jocelyn’s idea for doodle needlepoint and did her own. The results, with lots of pictures, are now posted on her blog. It’s a neat idea for doodling. She outlined each area and then filled it in with different threads and stitches, looking for balance and texture. Jocelyn’s was done in Tent Stitch […]

Bargello Fantasy – Make your own

bargello fantasy, copyright Loretta Spears

Long after Loretta Spears’ death, stitchers, especially those who love Bargello, collect and stitch her lovely patterns. One of her most popular is Bargello Fantasy which appeared, I think, in Needlepoint News. It’s a lovely piece showcasing many Bargello patterns. But you don’t have to seek out old magazines or search on eBay to find […]