Jubilee Pulled Canvas Sampler Block

Chain Block, Pulled ?Canvascopyright Napa Needlepoint

Pulled canvas is a delightful technique, one which is always a surprise because the look of the finished stitches is completely different than the look of the diagrammed stitches. Because the canvas (and the stitches to some extent) becomes distorted after each stitch is pulled, a lacy effect is created. This block is found above […]

Canvas Work Stitches, Vol 2, Book Review

copyright Diane Grant

Square Herringbone Stitch and Florentine Embroidery, Diane Grant, Tandem Books, 2013, 20 (British pounds) Diane Grant is a fearless embroiderer. As is the case with many British stitchers she incorporates buttons, beads, and paper in her work. She colors her canvases. Unlike many British stitches she puts these techniques to use with more common techniques […]

Free Sampler Block for Jubliee in Pattern Darning

pattern darning quilt block, copyright Napa Needlepoint

This lovely block is called Morning Star. It features pattern darning. This bock is on the other side of Sawtooth, completing one row of the quilt. Pattern Darning is one of the easiest needlepoint techniques. It is capable of lots of variations, can be done very quickly and creates great results. It is also a […]