Desert Island Stitches vol. 1 – Book Review

copyright StitchPlay Designs

Small Stitches, StitchPlay Designs (Carole Lake and Michael Boren) 2015, self-published, distributed by Rainbow Gallery For many stitchers you can’t have too many stitch dictionaries. But a big problem with many of them is that they are either too big or too unwieldy to work well in your stitching bag. That explains the trend to […]

The Needlepoint Book Sneak Peek

copyright Jo Ippolito Christensen

This spring, April 7 to be exact, the third edition of The Needlepoint Book will be published. I just heard from the publisher, Touchstone, and here’s their description of what to expect: Known as “the Bible” for stitching enthusiasts since its initial publication in 1976, it is the ultimate resource for needlepoint aficionados. The newest […]

Looking at Letters as Patterns

copyright Virginia Smith

Have you ever thought about letters just as shapes, not as sounds? In Alphabetrics, the follow-up book to Alphagraphics (reviewed here), Jinis takes letters and uses them as shapes. Each letter has three treatments: a linear pattern suitable for a belt or border, four large capital letters arranged as a 40-stitch square motif, and a […]