More Hardanger Tips- Tricks and Fix-its PLUS Care and Feeding Review

copyright Carol Pederson

Carol Pedersen, self-published, comb-bound, 2014 If you don’t stitch Hardanger, why buy this book? The answer is quite simple it has tons of great “care and feeding” information you won’t easily find elsewhere. The first half of the book covers hardanger and while the technical tips I didn’t understand, the information about tools was fantastic! […]

The Needlepoint Answer Book

copyright Napa Needlepoint

Back in the 1970’s you could find books and pamphlets full of basic information about needlepoint. While they were immensely useful then, today they seem quaintly irrelevant. Older books might recommend canvas types no longer made. They never used the wide variety of threads available to us. If you finished an item yourself it was […]

Canvas Work Stitches, Vol 2, Book Review

copyright Diane Grant

Square Herringbone Stitch and Florentine Embroidery, Diane Grant, Tandem Books, 2013, 20 (British pounds) Diane Grant is a fearless embroiderer. As is the case with many British stitchers she incorporates buttons, beads, and paper in her work. She colors her canvases. Unlike many British stitches she puts these techniques to use with more common techniques […]