Twisted Threads – Book Review

copyright Lea Wait

Lea Wait, Kensington, paperback $7.99 Lovers of needlepoint and mysteries rejoice! Lea Wait has a new series of mysteries that just debuted with Twisted Threads. I loved it! Here’s mt review (reposted from Net Galley): Mysteries that rely on interesting locations, quirky hobbies, or unusual businesses are very popular these days. All too often the […]

Desert Island Stitches vol. 1 – Book Review

copyright StitchPlay Designs

Small Stitches, StitchPlay Designs (Carole Lake and Michael Boren) 2015, self-published, distributed by Rainbow Gallery For many stitchers you can’t have too many stitch dictionaries. But a big problem with many of them is that they are either too big or too unwieldy to work well in your stitching bag. That explains the trend to […]

Tapis-tree Bags – Product review

Originally posted 2006-03-18 07:32:47. Republished by Blog Post PromoterTapis-tree (, Carolyn Barrani’s needlework company, has created one of the most innovative ideas I’ve seen in self-finishing. Carolyn makes velvet bags, boots, and Christmas stockings, with ribbon trim which can hold finished needlepoint. The velvet items are sold with hand-painted canvases to match. Stitch the canvas, […]

Hand-dying Yarn and Fleece – book review

Originally posted 2010-10-14 07:12:51. Republished by Blog Post PromoterGail Callahan, Storey Publishing, ISBN 978-1-60342-468-4, $18.95 I’m fascinated by dyeing threads and have dyed my own thread and canvas at various times. But most books on dyeing are frustrating to me because they deal with dyeing in quantities too large for the small amounts needed for […]