Beginner’s Needlepoint Kit Review


You want to learn needlepoint. Are you ready to go? Book? Check. Canvas? Check. Thread? Check. Needles? Check. At the risk of sounding like Guy Fieri (now what did I forget?), oh yes, I forgot turning the project into something so I will be more motivated actually to stitch and finish my first piece. For […]

Quick Stitch Reference & More Quick Stitch Reference – Books Review

Originally posted 2012-02-21 06:45:49. Republished by Blog Post PromoterWhile there are several small stitch reference books out there, they generally fall into two categories. Some are designed for beginning stitchers. The other type includes only diagrams, but no explanations. Into this world come these two books. I got mine from Thistle Needleworks, but your shop […]

A Baffling Thread

copyright Needle n'Thread

Mary Corbet over at Needle n’Thread has a review about the embroidery floss from Aurifil. This floss comes on spools instead of skeins. There are several things about it she found baffling. Read her treview to find out more.

E- book Review: The Needlepoint Book

copyright Jo Ippolito Christensen

Although I bought a copy for my Kindle on Tuesday, an allergy attack has kept me low most of the week, so I haven’t looked at it. But Jan at Thread Medley has an has written a lovely review of it. What I really loved about it is that the review tells you about what’s […]

The Needlepoint Book, Third Edition – Book Review

copyright Jo Ippolito Christensen

Jo Ippolito Christensen, Touchstone Books, New York, 2015 ISBN 1-4767-5408-6, $60 Before we get into a review of the contents, which are amazing, let’s talk about the book itself. Yes it is over 500 pages, but the second edition was 428. Yes it is a hardbound book. You might be thinking that this would make […]