Is Good Customer Service So Hard?

from My Teenage Werewolf

I am a very frustrated camper because I worry about the future viability of the needlepoint store. I know this concerns other people as well. Even though there are plenty of reasons for concern (retiring owners, rising costs, lack of new customers) my biggest worry is how those existing customers are treated. Poor customer service […]

Melita’s Needlepoint Tour of Virginia

The Stitching Studio, copyright Melita Glavin

Melita has recently been on vacation in Virginia. As part of her travels she’s been stopping in at various needlepoint and antique shops. Recently on her blog she’s given us tours, with lots of pictures, of three of them: Williamsburg Antique Mall where she found some interesting vintage needlepoint5 and embroidery. Village Stitchery in Newport […]

Question of the Week – Would you like to own a needlepoint store?

Originally posted 2007-03-09 07:20:50. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis week’s question is “Have you ever wanted to own a needlepoint store?” And, if you own a store, why did you open/buy it? Here’s my story: When I was a teenager and first learning needlepoint, I always went to the only needlepoint shop I knew. It […]