New Overdyed Colors from Zweigart

Originally posted 2011-06-06 06:54:34. Republished by Blog Post PromoterZweigart has just announced new colors in their overdyed fabrics collection. The six colors are available in Congress cloth and other evenweaves. Aegean Aqua is a semi-solid aqua.There are two, Swirling Storms and Twilight that are more varied, but still limited to only two colors. The other [...]

Subtle Needlepoint Backgrounds Inspired by Whistler

This Whimsy & grace round is set off by the subtle Whistler-inspired background. (photo copyright Napa Needlepoint)

As I noted awhile back, one of the things I love about Whistler is his nocturnes. I’m especially fond of the way his painting technique allows the colors to change constantly. My first Whistler Effect project was to try to reproduce this kind of background easily in thread. Although Whistler’s nocturnes are medium-dark to dark, [...]