Desert Island Stitches vol. 1 – Book Review

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Small Stitches, StitchPlay Designs (Carole Lake and Michael Boren) 2015, self-published, distributed by Rainbow Gallery For many stitchers you can’t have too many stitch dictionaries. But a big problem with many of them is that they are either too big or too unwieldy to work well in your stitching bag. That explains the trend to […]

The Needlepoint Book Sneak Peek

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This spring, April 7 to be exact, the third edition of The Needlepoint Book will be published. I just heard from the publisher, Touchstone, and here’s their description of what to expect: Known as “the Bible” for stitching enthusiasts since its initial publication in 1976, it is the ultimate resource for needlepoint aficionados. The newest […]

Stitches for Effect – Combination & Decorative Stitch Index

Originally posted 2011-03-11 07:46:54. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis week we’ll list the combination and decorative stitches from the Stitches for Effect books. Each is listed by its name. After the name you’ll find the volume and page number. A Combination Stitch is one that has more than one type of stitch in it, in […]