New Ways with Backgrounds – Tent Stitch

One of the more frustrating aspects of doing needlepoint is coming face-to-face with a large undefined background which needs to be filled. The traditional way to solve this problem is to fill it with tent stitch. And what’s the result? A lovely piece which you may end up abandoning because the background bores you. Now [...]

Using a Stitch Dictionary

Originally posted 2003-04-21 07:24:31. Republished by Blog Post Promoter A book like The Needlepoint Book can be one of your handiest tools when you are stitching. While this book is like a college degree in needlepoint between covers, most people (even experienced stitchers) turn to it because of the wealth of information about stitches included [...]

Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book – Book Review

Painted Canvas Embellishment

StitchPlay Designs (Carole Lake & Michael Boren), ISBN: 978-0-615-93267-5, 2014 If you can’t take a Painted Canvas Embellishment with these popular teachers and designers, go out and buy this book. Packed full of great ideas and information, you won’t be disappointed. The book is not designed to be comprehensive, but instead it’s supposed to be [...]

Knots, Fur and Turkeywork – book review

Originally posted 2006-08-18 08:46:18. Republished by Blog Post PromoterMeredith Barnhill Willett and Beth Robertson, self- pubished, 2005, ISBN 0-9770592-0-0. The full-color book covers three important techniques in needlepoint which frustrate many stitchers, including me. Many canvases feature hair or fur. There are so many kinds of knots, it’s amazing. But how often do we avoid [...]

Perplexed when Choosing Background Stitches?

I know I am. And you probably are as well. 25 Background Stitches is the next class in my 25 Stitches series. It begins October 5. Big or small, complex or simple, backgrounds constantly trip us up. If you’re like most stitchers, you probably have a few stitches you use over and over again. I [...]