Need Some Physical Therapy for Your Hands & Wrists? Try Needlepoint

by Janet Haigh

OK, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but often we need therapy to strengthen our wrists and hands. We might also need therapy to improve our fine motor control or our hand-eye coordination. While it isn’t touted as the best thing since hydrotherapy for recovering from injuries, needlepoint does improve many of these [...]

Are You Crazy about Cashmere Stitch?

craftsman trees cashmere stitch needlepoint by janet perry

I am as you can see from the sampler above (available as an ebook here). The second year of my hugely popular 25 stitches series begins May 15, 2014 with 25 Cashmere Stitches. In this three-lesson email course, you’ll learn 25 variations of Cashmere Stitch to increase your stitch knowledge and to add interest to [...]

25 Stitches for Buildings now Available as Needlepoint Independent Study

Exciting Stitches for Buildings in my newest NIS class

Whether you are stitching an historic city street or a modern skyline, you’ll love the stitches in the latest 25 Stitches class — 25 Stitches for Buildings. Now available as a Needlepoint Independent Study (NIS) class, every stitcher will benefit from the great ideas in this three-lesson class. You’ll learn stitches and strategies for making [...]

TNNA New Products – Late-breaking News

Originally posted 2011-01-10 17:11:24. Republished by Blog Post PromoterAs always, there is more great new stuff at TNNA than I can pack into my planned posts. So here’s another potpourri installment of new canvases, products, and more. Robbyn’s Nest has several new sets of canvases worth checking out. As I’m a great lover of quilts [...]

Help to Plan your Perfect Canvas

Will this be the canvas I plan as part of this class?

It happens to all of us. We love the canvas, we buy the canvas, we bring the canvas home. Then it languishes, usually because we have no idea how to stitch it. I have piles of these in my house, often neatly arranged in piles by subject — don’t you? My Quick Stitch Class, Planning [...]