Vineyard Merino Strandable – Product Review

photo copyright The Nimble Needle

This month there is new addition to the Vineyard family of threads, and it’s a real winner. Vineyard Merino strandable is a perfect answer for those folks who aren’t happy with the current selection of wool threads. The thread comes in 18 yard skeins, dyed to match the same 230 colors as Vineyard Silk Classic [...]

Learn Needlepoint Shading in this New Book

copyright Janet M. Perry & Art Needlepoint

It used to be that stitchers were not encouraged to try shading needlepoint at all until they had stitched quite awhile. Even then it was generally only needleblending that was taught. That notion ended up restricting our needlepoint, keeping it from looking as good as it could. We didn’t needleblend unless we had to, ending [...]

Williamsburg Needle Case Sneak Peek

whimsy & grace williamsburg needle case & stitch guide

Originally posted 2006-11-18 08:56:20. Republished by Blog Post PromoterAlthough this needle case doesn’t use flashy threads, like metallics, it still has lots of texture. The case is designed by Whimsy & grace and I’ve written a stitch guide for it. This is the model for the guide. I love that there are so many textures [...]