Needlepoint Coming Attractions

(copyright Napa Needlepoint)

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year at Nuts about Needlepoint, with great needlepoint coming attractions. Along with everything you’ve come to expect (reviews, technique articles, and links to great needlepoint content), there are going to be several great on-going series on the blog. Once a month we’ll be profiling a stitcher or […]

The Needlepoint Answer Book

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Back in the 1970’s you could find books and pamphlets full of basic information about needlepoint. While they were immensely useful then, today they seem quaintly irrelevant. Older books might recommend canvas types no longer made. They never used the wide variety of threads available to us. If you finished an item yourself it was […]

Last Call Quilts & Needlepoint

scrappy squares needlepoint quilt free project, designed by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

While you are enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, I’ll be busy working on the first lesson for the Quilts & Needlepoinnt class. The class begins on Monday and I’m so excited about it. If you understand quilts and quilt blocks, you have the start of an amazing and never-ending source of your own original projects. Projects that […]