Are You a Stitching Optimist or a Pessimist?

copyright Napa Needlepoint

A recent post from Mary Corbet’s Needle n’Thread got me thinking. She says that she’s has SOS, Stitching Optimism Syndrome. She describes herself this way: “I am an over-optimist – and my optimism gets me into trouble. I am an optimist about time; I am an optimist about workload; I am an optimist about perseverance; […]

The Importance of Good Customer Service

overdyed threads for needlepoint project

I had another post planned for today, but something is making me pretty mad — the increasing disregard of manufacturers and shops in this world for customer service. Needlepoint people and this includes shopowners are patient. It’s not as if we expect our canvases to be shipped out immediately, but everyone’s patience can wear thin. […]

Is Needlepoint a “Valid” Embroidery Medium?

Lee Needleart leaf stitched by needlepoint expert Janet M. Perry

Last week Mr. XStitch posited this on his blog: Needlepoint is often overlooked as a valid embroidery medium, and looks at cross stitch with envy. While he went on in the post to show five inspirational needlepoints, it still made me mad, really mad. Like most people, Mr. XStitch seems to think that needlepoint is […]