Needlepoint Cost-cutting

Money from Wikimedia Commons

There has been a fair amount of discussion lately about needlepoint and whether it’s an expensive hobby. The current issue of Needlepoint Now addresses the topic in the Editor’s Letter. I saw an article of “Umpteen Reasons to Love Cross Stitch,” citing it as inexpensive to start. Many stitchers take exception to this and find […]

Putting It All Together – Part 2

Lee Needle Arts canvas, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

In yesterday’s post we began our analysis of my most recent finished project, analyzing it according to the questions in The Needlepoint Book. As we should expect there are weaknesses in the design and colors on the canvas. One of these, a weak focal point, was changed by concentrating all the attention-grabbing threads on the […]

An Example of Putting It All Together – Part 1

Lee Needle Arts canvas, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

I think many stitchers will find the second section of The Needlepoint Book extremely helpful The last chapter of this section, Putting It All Together, summarizes the issues in the other seven chapters with a series of questionnaires. I thought it would be great if I took my most recent canvas (from Lee Needle Arts) […]

Me & The Needlepoint Book

copyright Jo Ippolito Christensen

Needlepoint has accompanied my life since 1970. The Needlepoint Book has accompanied it since it was published in the mid-70’s. My early needlepoint education was from the lovely ladies who owned my LNS and from my grandmother, but even back then I was mostly self-taught. This was, in part at least, because I was in […]

The Preppy & Needlepoint

copyright Napa Needlepoint

It seems that, once again, needlepoint is being hailed as something essential in all things preppy. There’s an article in Town & Country On-line with 12 products, all ready-made needlepoint, that exemplify preppy style. While I love much that is preppy, and I’d even describe my style as being “bohemian prep,” I do worry that […]