Do I Have Enough Information to Buy from You?

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You love needlepoint. You stitch many projects. But you don’t live anywhere near a needlepoint shop. That makes you dependent on the Internet to learn about and to buy threads and canvases. Shops, mostly brick & mortar ones, have created websites to make this easier. But how often do they neglect to include critical information […]

Winter 2015 Trends in Needlepoint

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Looking back at this year’s Winter Needlecraft Market, I’m seeing some interesting trends both in products and in the industry. Most are fantastic and herald a resurgence of needlepoint. One however is bad and should be of concern to us all. Holidays At first Christmas was the big holiday for needlepoint. Then Halloween got added […]

Are You a Stitching Optimist or a Pessimist?

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A recent post from Mary Corbet’s Needle n’Thread got me thinking. She says that she’s has SOS, Stitching Optimism Syndrome. She describes herself this way: “I am an over-optimist – and my optimism gets me into trouble. I am an optimist about time; I am an optimist about workload; I am an optimist about perseverance; […]