Tips for Printing Laura Perin’s Mini Mystery Graphs

Laura Perin has done us all a great service with her series of Mini Mystery designs that have been running on Mondays since December. Now she has a short post letting you know how to print enlarged versions of the charts. P.S. This tip works with other diagrams and charts as well.

How to Buy a Magnifier

I got a question recently about buying a magnifier. I can’t use these because they aggravate my vision problems, but if you are considering this, take some time before you go looking to do some research. No I don’t mean poke around looking at sites for products, but think about how you will use them. [...]

Large Finger-hole Scissors – 12 Days of Needlepoint Gifts


Good scissors are such a joy to use. You might find your scissors more a pain than a pleasure. I did. And then I found large finger-hole scissors. They made my life so much easier. The only difference between regular scissors, pictured below, and large finger-hole scissors, pictured at the top of the article, is [...]