Stitching Aids for Disabled Stitchers

ez tackit tacking tool for needlework

Earlier this week on one of my discussion groups, someone asked about what kinds of aids there were for stitchers who had suffered a stroke and thereby lost use of one hand. This is a subject close to my heart, because my initial MS attack was misdiagnosed as a stroke for over five years (until […]

Tips for Printing Laura Perin’s Mini Mystery Graphs

Laura Perin has done us all a great service with her series of Mini Mystery designs that have been running on Mondays since December. Now she has a short post letting you know how to print enlarged versions of the charts. P.S. This tip works with other diagrams and charts as well.

How to Buy a Magnifier

I got a question recently about buying a magnifier. I can’t use these because they aggravate my vision problems, but if you are considering this, take some time before you go looking to do some research. No I don’t mean poke around looking at sites for products, but think about how you will use them. […]

Large Finger-hole Scissors – 12 Days of Needlepoint Gifts


Good scissors are such a joy to use. You might find your scissors more a pain than a pleasure. I did. And then I found large finger-hole scissors. They made my life so much easier. The only difference between regular scissors, pictured below, and large finger-hole scissors, pictured at the top of the article, is […]