Imperfection in Needlework

An article in a 1903 issue of The Craftsman said It is … desirable that the work retain its original, pleasing characteristics of slight irregularity and imperfection, – not to say carelessness, – were it only to avoid the appearance of machine-wrought embroidery. This quote caught my eye because as stitchers we have different opinions [...]

Needlepoint Trade Secrets: One chapter free download & special offer

needlepoint trade secrets tips book by janet perry

In my book, Needlepoint Trade Secrets, I share hundreds of tips with you about doing needlepoint and other needlework. I like the book so much I keep a copy on my desk as a reference. It’s summer and I have two special offers for you, good through Labor Day (how’s that for a vacation special?) [...]

Needlepoint in the Fifties – A Look Back

Yesterday I had an occasion to look at the oldest needlepoint book I own, Needlepoint Made Easy, published in 1955. It gave me pause, because I was also looking at The Needlepoint Book, first published 21 years later. Since most of us started stitching after the needlepoint “revolution” of the early 70’s we probably don’t [...]