When Only Continental Will Do

Stitching in Basketweave with variegated threads gives you diagonal stripes. Continental prevents this.

POST UPDATE 2015: Today marks the beginning of the Tridium, the three days before Easter (maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday). It’s a time often set aside with special services, and special penances. In keeping with that, today through Sunday, I’m reposting some great content from the blog’s archives. See you Monday with something […]

Imperfection in Needlework

An article in a 1903 issue of The Craftsman said It is … desirable that the work retain its original, pleasing characteristics of slight irregularity and imperfection, – not to say carelessness, – were it only to avoid the appearance of machine-wrought embroidery. This quote caught my eye because as stitchers we have different opinions […]