Need Some Physical Therapy for Your Hands & Wrists? Try Needlepoint

by Janet Haigh

OK, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but often we need therapy to strengthen our wrists and hands. We might also need therapy to improve our fine motor control or our hand-eye coordination. While it isn’t touted as the best thing since hydrotherapy for recovering from injuries, needlepoint does improve many of these [...]

How Needlepoint Can Improve your Life


Today’s post is from Michelle Hufford the owner of Come to the Point in San Rafael, Ca. She wrote this in her most recent newsletter. This is the opening paragraph of a recent President’s Letter from Marin Golden Threads, our local Embroiderers Guild of America chapter. I thank Velma for her permission to quote this. [...]

Health Benefits of Needlepoint – your Help Needed

The repetitive motion of needlepoint is both calming and meditative. By engaging your hands in this simple pursuit, you free your mind to think, to relax, and to meditate. Many of us find that needlepoint has had good effects on our mental and physical health. I know for me that this is true. If we [...]

Stretching for Hand Pain


Lately I’ve been suffering more than I would like from aches and pains while I stitch. One area where we often have pain is in our hands and fingers. This knitting blog post has five great stretches for your hands. Print it out and keep it by your stitching chair!

How to Buy a Magnifier

I got a question recently about buying a magnifier. I can’t use these because they aggravate my vision problems, but if you are considering this, take some time before you go looking to do some research. No I don’t mean poke around looking at sites for products, but think about how you will use them. [...]