Avoid Injury When Stitching

from Wikimedia Commons

How can something you love so much lead to pain? Any motion that you do repeatedly and improperly can lead to RSI, or Repetitive Stress Injury. For actions, such as needlepoint, RSI is often in the wrist, otherwise known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In extreme cases surgery can be needed. The Needlework site over at […]

Needlepoint Can Improve your “Golden Years”

photo of Carole King stitching the needlepoint that was on the Tapestry album cover, copyright unknown from wesay.com

Now we all know that stress causes many health problems, not the least are those bald spots by tearing your hair out today, Tax Day in the US. But did you know that a newly published study shows that needlepoint or other crafty and artistic activities can help prevent memory problems as we age? A […]

Can Handwork Help with Depression? Yes!

Needlepoint might help this distracted lady (from Daily Plate of Crazy)

A truism stitchers often say to justify their stash is that it’s Cheaper than a therapist.” We often say that stitching keeps us sane, but does it really? In this column from About.com’s Crochet Guide, we learn how another needlecraft has helped this stitcher battle depression. She looks at 10 symptoms of depression and shows […]

Needlepoint as Stress Release

nutty rectangle bargello needlepoint, designed and stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

My brain is fried, I have too much work to do, and the weather here in Northern California has turned brutally hot. My life tends to get highly stressful from time to time. Does this sound like you? What we both need is a stress release. Something which takes us out of ourselves, let’s us […]

Need Some Physical Therapy for Your Hands & Wrists? Try Needlepoint

by Janet Haigh

OK, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but often we need therapy to strengthen our wrists and hands. We might also need therapy to improve our fine motor control or our hand-eye coordination. While it isn’t touted as the best thing since hydrotherapy for recovering from injuries, needlepoint does improve many of these […]