Can Handwork Help with Depression? Yes!

Needlepoint might help this distracted lady (from Daily Plate of Crazy)

A truism stitchers often say to justify their stash is that it’s Cheaper than a therapist.” We often say that stitching keeps us sane, but does it really? In this column from’s Crochet Guide, we learn how another needlecraft has helped this stitcher battle depression. She looks at 10 symptoms of depression and shows […]

Need Some Physical Therapy for Your Hands & Wrists? Try Needlepoint

by Janet Haigh

OK, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but often we need therapy to strengthen our wrists and hands. We might also need therapy to improve our fine motor control or our hand-eye coordination. While it isn’t touted as the best thing since hydrotherapy for recovering from injuries, needlepoint does improve many of these […]