DIY Needlepoint Stitch Guide Class Open for Registration

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How often does this describe you? You found what you think is the perfect canvas. You love the design, you even know the perfect use for it. You buy it in spite of the huge pile of canvases in your stash. Maybe you even get it on stretcher bars. Then it languishes near your stitchy […]

Making Overdyed Threads Behave – New Book

Lear great ways to use these threads, copyright Janet M. Perry and Art Needlepoint

Being in love with thread and color as I am, is it a surprise that I love overdyed threads? Being a needlepointer, is it a surprise that I have found them so frustrating that I’ve spent years developing techniques to use those threads but nit get the dreaded diagonal stripes that are so infuriating? That’s […]

Great Diagonal Stitches in New Class

(copyright Napa Needlepoint)

Diagonal Stitches, from Tent to the largest length of Gobelin, they are the workhorses of needlepoint stitches. They are also the focus of my upcoming 25 Stitches class. These three-lesson email classes are notebook classes with a twist — a sampler project showcasing the stitches. In the first two lessons you’ll learn the stitches, using […]

Cats Sampler Class Registration Closing

Originally posted 2012-08-14 07:10:40. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis delightful cats canvas is by Patt Large (of Patt & Lee Designs). It’s from her hand-painted line, Pajamas & Chocolate. It’s the basis for an exciting new stitch sampler class that begins September 26, 2012. In this class you’ll get a chance to sample stitches in […]

Overdyed Threads Techniques for Painted Canvas

Learn great techniques for Overdyed Threads in this class, copyright Napa Needlepoint

Have you struggled to use Overdyed Threads on your painted canvases only to get ugly diagonal lines of colors? It’s put you off these lovely threads for life. It happened to me the first time I used overdyes as well. Loving the threads, but frustrated by the results, I have developed great (and easy) ways […]