Thread Terms & Fibers

thread color scheme for needlepoint mystery based on stash threads

There is so much confusion in the needlepoint world about thread terms and fibers. Partly this is because we use some terms, like ‘thread’ to mean a number of different things (think of it like ‘shade’ when talking about color). Partly it is because many in the needlepoint world advocate using terms differently than the [...]

How Did that Thread Get Dyed?

from Pintangle

If you are like most stitchers you probably don’t think much about how your threads get dyed. And we shouldn’t really, it’s kind of like knowing how a car engine works — nice but not essential for the task at hand. But you will find some terms used over and over. Today I’m going to [...]

Let’s Talk Overdyed Threads

Do you know how to describe these threads?

Describing overdyed threads can be a frustrating experience. You can see the thread and the color in your mind’s eye — but how do you describe it to someone? What you call “X” your shop owner may call “Y” and a stitching friend will call “Z.” In posts today through Friday I’ll be clearing up [...]

How to Substitute Threads

thread colors for laura perin's mini mystery needlepoint project

Do you ever wish there were handy guidelines to teach you how to substitute threads? Because I stitch from stash all the time, I often find myself substituting threads. You may also find yourself in a position where you need to substitute threads. I’ve developed some guidelines that help me when substituting threads and that [...]

Threads: A Needle Necessity — Book Review


Threads: A Needle Necessity,Jane Evans & Liv Weiss, distributed by Bedecked & Beadazzled, 2014 Threads are an important part of our stitching lives. If you’ve been stitching long enough, you probably remember when EVERYBODY stitched with one thread — wool. Embroidery floss was something other techniques used, as was crewel wool. Silk was something only [...]