New Colors from Dinky Dyes

dinky dyes stranded silk threads for needlepoint

Originally posted 2012-10-20 06:43:22. Republished by Blog Post PromoterI simply love Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silk threads. They are wonderfully soft, something that doesn’t happen often with silk threads. The colors are also fantastic. Most of them are semi-solid, i.e. shades of a single color, although there are some multi-color shades. Best of all the color […]

Organizing Beads

copyright Needle n'Thread

I have given up on this, although I did try. I have too many for the solutions I have but neither enough studio real estate or enough desire to switch to another, and bigger, system. Mary Corbet of Needle n’Thread faced a similar problem, but she solved it. Read how in her excellent post: […]