Let’s Talk Overdyed Threads

Do you know how to describe these threads?

Describing overdyed threads can be a frustrating experience. You can see the thread and the color in your mind’s eye — but how do you describe it to someone? What you call “X” your shop owner may call “Y” and a stitching friend will call “Z.” In posts today through Friday I’ll be clearing up [...]

Learn Stitches with DMC’s Bold Flower Design

Flower Project from DMC's blog

Originally posted 2010-08-20 07:20:02. Republished by Blog Post PromoterDMC’s blog recently had posts for this lovely contemporary flower design. Designed to be a “next step” project for beginning stitches, but lovely enough to appeal to everyone, this project has five different stitches in it. For many people needlework supplies can be hard to find. This [...]

Color, Threads, and Quilts – 2011 Club

needlepoint quilt block by janet m perry

Originally posted 2010-11-09 07:09:03. Republished by Blog Post PromoterA key to making lovely needlepoint is how you combine colors and how you use threads to enhance your design. Just as a painter picks the perfect paint to get a particular shade of blue, stitchers want to pick the perfect thread in both color and texture. [...]

Thread News at TNNA

Originally posted 2010-06-10 07:46:22. Republished by Blog Post PromoterTwo exciting threads are being introduced this weekend at TNNA. Threadworx is introducing an overdyed Vineyard Merino. It looks as if it’s coming in the same colors as their overdyed Vineyard Silk. I love Vineyard Merino (you should try it if you haven’t yet), so I’m really [...]