How to Substitute Threads

thread colors for laura perin's mini mystery needlepoint project

Do you ever wish there were handy guidelines to teach you how to substitute threads? Because I stitch from stash all the time, I often find myself substituting threads. You may also find yourself in a position where you need to substitute threads. I’ve developed some guidelines that help me when substituting threads and that [...]

Think that Stash Canvas Won’t Work for You? Think Again

Take an old canvas, punch it up a bit & get a new project.

Don’t we all have those moments when we look at the canvases in our stash and say “What was I thinking?” Yep, me too. But they shouldn’t be causes for despair. With all the great threads and embellishments out there, we can take that old canvas and punch it up to be something we’ll love. [...]

Scrap Bag Diamonds – Free Stash Buster Needlepoint Pattern

stash buster scrap bag needlepoint diamonds pattern by janet perry

Originally posted 2010-04-13 12:44:46. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Brimming with Scotch Stitch diamonds in two sizes, the Scrap Bag Needlepoint pattern is a good one for medium and large projects. Two colors appear in all the motifs. the background color and an accent color. This gives great consistency to the design and allows you [...]

How to Make Fabric Trays Easily

Fabric organizers to store your tools from Say Yes

If you’ve become addicted to gadget trays to store your needlepoint tools, ORTs and assorted stuff (I have), you might be thinking about expanding the number of them. Even better if you can do it at a low cost and with no sewing. Thanks to the folks at Brit + Co, i found this delightful [...]

Old Stuff Makes Great Things for Needlepoint

Scrap Star Needlepoint Ornament

Many people get heavily into organizing and cleaning out come January. When you do, you’ll come across things that might get thrown out. Before you do that though, consider some creative ways to reuse them. In today’s post we’ll look at some of these from around the web (and I’ll tell you how to adapt [...]