New Needlepoint Products May 2015

from Wikimedia Commons

In this second part of our pre-market round-up of new products, you’re sure to find some must-have items. Wellesley Needlepoint and Kathy Schenkel have teamed up for a great series that will make Red Sox lovers rejoice. Six figures, including a hot dog vendor with his cart, make up this set. There is a Fenway […]

Use Dollhouse Books and Accessories to Make Needleminders

from PinoyStitch

Last week I bought some delightful magnetic needleminders from PinoyStitch. They are of book covers. It’s such a cool idea; but what if your favorite book isn’t available? The books are 1:12 or dollhouse scale. That got me thinking about how easy this would be to do yourself. Many vendors make books for dollhouses, or […]

Magnetic Needle Minders on Etsy

magnetic needle nanny, copyright Clay by Kim

Besides familiar names such as Jody, Annie Lane, and Orna, there’s a host of individuals making great accessories for stitching on Etsy. Recently I bought magnetic needle minders from several Etsy stores. They vary in material, design and quality. I thought I’d review them all in this single post. The links go to the Etsy […]

Beading and Needle Case – Product Review

copyright Acoutrement Desiogns

I’ve never been good at beading. Not that this is a surprise to those who regularly read this blog. I think I’ve finally found the last piece of the puzzle to make beading easy with this combination beading and needlecase from Accoutrement Designs. First I overcame the sharp needle problem by using John James Tapestry-point […]

Micro Needle Threader – Product Review

copyright Puffin & Co

Beading needles can be a big problem for needlepointers. There’s the length thing and the sharp point thing. If you manage to solve these problems with blunt point needles (John James makes them), you will get stuck, once again, on my biggest problem — threading. You can’t use the same stiff-wire or large hook threaders […]