Why Acid-free Tissue Paper?

Protect Needlewor with this paper.

Have you been to your local crafts shop and seen the words “acid-free” or “archival” on some products, especially paper and wondered what the fuss was about? Have you thought it didn’t apply to you as a stitcher? Think again. Because paper is made from wood and wood has lots of acid (ask anyone who [...]

Dragonfly Lotus Needle Minders – Product Review

Charming New Needleminders from Dragonfly Louts

It’s no secret that magnetic needle minders have taken the needlepoint world by storm. But if you like more geometric designs, you may feel as if this trend is passing you by. While others happily collect magnets and pick similar themes to match their canvases, your options are few. Actually they were few because Dragonfly [...]

Why You Should Own a Telescoping Magnet


I thought for ages that owning one of these was something for old people — but I was wrong! These inexpensive tools are, quite simply, fantastic aids for the stitcher. I lose needles and thumbtacks all the time when I stitch. With my magnet extended I can do a quick “sweep” around my chair and [...]

Useful Information from DMC

Periodic Table of floss Stephen Beal

Thread manufacturers often have useful, but unheralded tools and information on their site. Happily DMC wants you to get to their useful information easily. In this recent blog post, you’ll find links and descriptions of the many tools they have including shopper’s checklists and conversion charts.

Puffin & Co Needle Threaders – Product Review


Since the weekend I officially have a new favorite needle threader. In fact, I like this little gadget so much I’m going to buy lots more. Puffin & Co has come out with needle threaders. They are so well-thought and so easy to use, you’ll find yourself wondering, as I did, why there aren’t others [...]