Let’s Get . . Thrifty Stitching!

With thread, assorted other items, and creativity, you can reuse many items to make great needlepoint, tools, and projects. Today you’ll find an index of these posts to date. They are divided into categories. If the link is in bold, you’ll find the instructions on Nuts about Needlepoint. Otherwise content is linked to and is [...]

Old Stuff Makes Great Things for Needlepoint

Scrap Star Needlepoint Ornament

Many people get heavily into organizing and cleaning out come January. When you do, you’ll come across things that might get thrown out. Before you do that though, consider some creative ways to reuse them. In today’s post we’ll look at some of these from around the web (and I’ll tell you how to adapt [...]

Heirloom Needlepoint Eye Candy


Get a cool drink, relax, and enjoy some amazing heirloom needlepoint, both new and old, thanks to this post by Lisa Farmer on her blog, Eye for Design. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013Some Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Non-commercial, Attribution, no Derivative workLicense Summary:You may copy this content, and re-publish it in unmodified form [...]

Garment Canvas – Product Review

needlepoint clothing

Imagine a needlepoint canvas with no sizing. One that stretches slightly. One that can drape like fabric. And one that can be washed and dried. That canvas does exist. It’s called garment canvas and is distributed by Kreinik. It only comes in 18 mesh and can be ordered on this page. Garment canvas is a [...]

How to Decorate with a Needlepoint Rug

justin sancho, potomac residence 1a

In a lovely post earlier this week on Asmara there were 14 stunning rooms that featured needlepoint rugs. This is just one of them. Now making a huge needlepoint rug may not be in the cards for you (although you might rethink it after seeing these rugs). But we still can learn many lessons that [...]