Change It Up Alphabet – DebBee’s Designs – Needlepoint Project Review

debbee's design needlepoint alphabet project

Create your own afformation with this project book

Word needlepoint has become very popular, while needlepoint of names continues to thrive. But what do you do if the name you want or the affirmation that speaks to you is not available?

Having a custom design painted for you is a possibility, but an expensive one. I have a great alternative — create your own with Debbie Rowley’s delightful project book, Change It Up Alphabet.

The project book is a marvelous way to create a unique project. It’s easy enough for beginning needlepoint but has plenty of options to make even experienced stitchers happy.

The book has each letter charted using a different stitch. All the stitches cover a 4-thread block, so that one stitch can easily be substituted for another. The letters are designed so they require no compensation. This keeps the focus on the letters and the marvelous selection of stitches. Because every stitch is the same size, you can substitute one stitch for another.

Each letter is available as both capital and small letters, with each charted for that’s letter’s stitch. As is always the case with Debbie’s project books, the charts are large and easy to see.

Along with both charted letters there is a large, numbered chart of the stitch along with stitching notes.

Often, though, this is not enough for a project. After the letters Debbie includes instructions on how to create your project. She helps you figure out what size your project will be, how to plan your border, and ideas for simple backgrounds.

She finishes up the book with two smaller charted alphabets, including a set of numbers.

This is a wonderful idea for a project. It’s one that could be the source of so many wonderful future projects. I highly recommend it.

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