Clutching at Needlepoint

needlepoint clutch made by fergustuff

You can easily finish your own needlepoint clutch as blogger Fergustuff did with this.

Are you one of those people who wish you had a lovely needlepoint clutch?

Maybe you have a long piece of stitched needlepoint around that would look great finished this way. Maybe you found a lovely bit of vintage needlepoint that would make a great clutch.

Clutches, even very large ones, are big fashion statements this year, as is needlepoint. It’s a perfect time to make a clutch for yourself or as a gift. How often can we show off our love of stitching and be au courant at the same time?

If you have some basic sewing skills, you can finish this yourself.

This delightful illustrated tutorial shows, step-by-step how to do it. The author used a table runner, but the instructions can easily have a some of pre-work steps added to make them work for needlepoint.

  1. The needlepoint needs to be blocked so it’s square.
  2. Measure the size of the needlepoint.
  3. Buy trim to fit the outside, if desired, a big snap, a decorative button, and lining fabric.
  4. Assemble the clutch “sandwich.” This is lining and needlepoint with the wrong sides of the lining and needlepoint facing. If needed tuck under the raw edges of the lining. Pin this.
  5. Pin the trim to the lining. I would do this by replacing the pins holding the sandwich together with pins holding the trim on.
  6. Sew the sandwich together, near the edge of the needlepoint.
  7. Finish as in the tutorial.

While this clutch is big, the instructions will work or any lined, rectangular piece of needlepoint.

You can also do the sewing by hand. I’ve made clutches this way & they look great. So, as the British would say, have a go!


  1. says

    I absolutely love needlepoint but am unfortunately all thumbs when it comes to doing it myself! Thank-you very much for mentioning my tutorial…I’m so happy you enjoyed it! =O)

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