Colonial Persian Yarn – Thread Review

needlepoint tote stitched by needlepoint expert janet m. perry

Colonial Persian Yarn was used to stitch the blue-violet on this tote.

In the past few months several new wools for needlepoint have come on the market. This has been after several years where it seemed that wool for needlepoint was an endangered species at best.

Colonial Persian Yarn from Colonial Needle is one of these. As I wrote in a previous post, this yarn is spun by the same company that spun JCA’s Paternayan Persian.

I tested this wool for the blue-violet on the tote pictured here. The canvas is 13-mesh and one strand was used. As you can see I got good coverage from the single strand. The canvas was painted turquoise so it’s easy to see how good the coverage is.

In comparison with the new Paternayan Wool, I felt this thread was just a shade thinner. Clearly though, this doesn’t affect the stitching.

The three strands are even in width and the colors are solid. It worked well for both Tent and textured stitches.

While not quite as lustrous as the new Paternayan, it’s still a lovely wool.

The market for wools will be in flux for awhile as these new lines grow. I would not hesitate to mix brands of Persian wools in the same project, picking the brand based on color choice.

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