Coloring a Needlepoint Canvas with Pens

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Once I had painted my background, I needed to color the focal points of the design, so they would be easier to stitch. You can do this using either markers made for fabric, like FabricMates or dye-based markers, such as Copic. These markers are ll translucent, so you can blend and build up color.

The first stage of the rose, pictured above, used red, pink, peach, and yellow. Notice how the colors don’t blend at all. In the second stage of coloring, orange was used everywhere except in the peach area, which had a little bit of yellow added for blending.

The rose was completed with two coats of pink. This mutes the orange, making it more coral, and brightens the peach center. Please remember that I’m not an expert at this, if you work with these pens alot, you can get MUCH more subtle effects. I also only used four pens to do this.

The leaves are going to be more prblematical because I don’t have any blue greens. So I’m making my own. The first layer used blue, the second a light bluish-green. The result is above. The next coat used a light green aqua, which changed the blue more, but, as you can see, it is still blue.

The final coat used the yellow-green I had. But because of the blue layers, it is a truer green. This will work with the background

Now I’ll color the rest of the leaves, wait at least a day and start to stitch


  1. says

    I will start on this tomorrow. I do have some fabric dye pens but more crayola markers than anything else. I am not sure how they would would on the canvas and really not sure if they would effect the stitch thread.

    Thanks so much I feel like I am in a class room with you as the teacher.


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