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Celebrate needlepoint stitch sampler name & date block

The last thing to do on your sampler is to sign and date it, which I finished last night.

seven stitch alphabet for needlepoint or cross stitch

I modified my initials to make them into a monogram using this alphabet, Bungalow, which I designed several years ago. (Click on the picture to get the full-size graph to print.)

seven stitch numbers charted for needlepoint or cross stitch

Then I used the Bungalow numbers to add the date. I put one thread between the numbers, making the date 21 threads wide. Since the block is 28 threads wide, I went in four threads and up two threads to add the date. (Click on the picture to get the full-size graph to print.)

Next your need to center your name above the date. Because the date is symmetrical the open thread between the zeroes is the center. I found the middle of my initials (also easy, it’s the top of the M) and started to stitch there, deciding to have a good bit of space between the initials and the date.

Woven Plait needlepoint stitch diagram

Once this was all stitched I added the background, Woven Plait. This is a fun stitch and great for overdyed threads. One caution though, decide on a method of stitching and do the entire area that way. This is a stitch where the coverage on the back can make the stitch look different on the front, as I learned once to my despair and had to rip out most of a background.

One final note, the background is Waterlilies in the same shade as the Watercolours in the T — it just goes to show you how different threads and dyelots can be in a hand-dyed thread. I would never have guessed until I looked at the tag.

Here’s a rundown of the sampler so far:


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    THere is a great article on Nuts about doing this. Put in Quotable Quotes in the search box. There are also books and project packs reviewed here that might help. An excellent book is Tink Boord-Dill’s Monograms, Mayhem & More. A great project pack is Letters of Welcome.

    Keep stitching,


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