Connective Thread

glove with thread to make connective tips

Use Kreinik metallics to make connective tips on your gloves

Earlier this week I went out searching for gloves. I had read about using Kreinik’s new connective thread to stitch on the fingertips.

Because I live in California, I rarely wear gloves. Because I use a basic phone, texting isn’t something I do much. So, needless to say, the idea of texting in gloved hands is alien to me.

It sounded like a cool idea. In my search for knit gloves, I found these kind of tips everywhere.

I’m also thinking of other ways this could be used in needlepoint.

But you aren’t limited to the color of the connective thread for your texting fingertips. Kreinik has discovered that several of their current colors also have connective properties. In this post you can see the list and get more tips on using these threads to add connectivity to your stitching.

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