Conquer Chain Stitch with this Tutorial

Learn 2 kinds of Chain Stitch in this tutorial

Learn 2 kinds of Chain Stitch in this tutorial

Chain Stitch is a great stitch for needlepoint. It is wonderful for outlining, especially for curves. You can also make fantastic fills using parallel lines of Chain Stitch.

It’s also an easy stitch to vary, wrapping it, lacing it, or adding beads.

Unhappily because it’s more commonly thought of as a stitch for free embroidery (embroidery on fabric), many needlepointers neglect it.

Sharon B as part of her Take-a-stitch Tuesdays (TAST) series has a detailed tutorial on two versions of this lovely stitch.

It’s done with close-up pictures on a piece of evenweave fabric, so the instructions will adapt well to needlepoint.

Take some time to learn this lovely stitch today!


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