Courtesy when Shopping

When you avoid the crowds by shopping on the Internet, make sure you remember to be polite.

It’s a huge holiday shopping weekend in the US, although apparently most shopper shop for themselves this weekend. I mostly avoid the whole thing and sit at home and stitch.

With so many people buying and selling things on-line, I want to take a minute to remind people about how important courtesy is when buying and selling. Purchases wouldn’t be made unless two things happen:

  1. The seller has something the buyer wants
  2. and

  3. The buyer wants ti pay the seller’s price

That means courtesy is called for on both sides. Buyers should pay for their items promptly and should not say you’ll buy something unless you plan on buying it. All too often I hear complaints from sellers who can’t sell an in-demand item because a potential customer requested it but hasn’t paid.

In turn sellers should send out items promptly. I have had plenty of experience in waiting for things that didn’t show up and talking with unhelpful sellers when that happens. Being a huge buyer of things on eBay, I have also noticed too often that items are described incorrectly. I often find PVC items listed as “leather” for example. If you know, say what it is, if you don’t, don’t make claims to sell the item. Honesty makes sense.

In this holiday season we’d all do well to remember, as my Mom says, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

I’ll do my best to remember too.

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