Creating a Color Scheme for Learn-a-Stitch

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Threads pulled for Learn-a-Stitch program. All are based on Watercolours Tahiti, the multi-color seen in the middle of the picture.

My initial plan for the Learn-a-Stitch mini socks was to use a different color combination for each one, trying different shades of Watercolours and challenging myself to find threads that matched.

Then two things happened. First, I stitched February’s mini-sock (you’ll see it next week) and found the Watercolours I’d picked, plum, didn’t go with much in my stash and I ended up not liking the result as much as I thought I would.

This could be a product of our recent gray days, or aging eyes, or just changing tastes, but I’m longing for bright cheery colors.

The second thing was that someone asked me if the series could be done in one set of threads. I hadn’t thought about it this way, but yes, it could. But I would get bored with only one set of threads for all twelve stockings, so I decided I’d make a coordinated set, but with a difference. Although the Watercolour will be the same in all, the other threads will change. But they all will be picked from a set of threads picked ahead of time to go with that Watercolours.

The key to doing this is to pick a shade of Watercolours that has at least three, preferably more, different colors in it. There are lots of these. I picked Tahiti, which has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Not because of that but because it’s my favorite shade of Watercolours. (If you want some other “rainbow” Watercolours, try Autumn Frost, Rain Forest, or Woodlands, I can often find these as pastel or dark spectrums.)

Then, with your Watercolours in hand, look through your stash for any thread that has one of these colors in it, or makes the Watercolours “pop” and look brighter or more defined. Try to get a variety of textures and colors. Add a true metallic (silver or gold).

Put them into a box or bag. I only got through about half my stash and have a photo box full. The picture above is only the top layer of thread. I have wool blends, cottons, silks, and metallics. Some for each color in the thread and a couple that looked so cool against Tahiti I HAD to include them.

Each month, there will be five patches, so you will always need at least five threads. Sometimes, depending on the stitch, more will be needed. But you’ll know when you see the project each month.

Pull out your Watercolours and four other threads that will go with it. Put them with your outline in the project bag. Then you are ready to stitch.


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