Daphne Goodyear – An Amazing Stitcher

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I just learned about and looked at Daphne Goodyear’s wonderful needlepoint in her Guest Gallery at Stitch Amaze, one of my absolute favorite needlepoint sites.

I’m blown away by her stitching.

Go through the gallery and be delighted by the wit of her Wild Women in History (link is to detail of Mata Hari, the piece as a whole is in the gallery).

I love her needlepoint chair back, which has a Melissa Shirley design inserted into the back of a comfy chair.

Typically I make mini-socks to try out new stitches and new Bargello patterns, but I love her patchwork throw and wall hanging (link is to a detail, the pieces as a whole are in the gallery) so much, I’m going to start to make squares. Just below that is another great idea for using needlepoint stash, a ZigZag Footstool. This one has lots of different stitches and patterns in a cheery unplanned color palette. Check out the gallery itself to see the creative way she finished this.

I’m in awe and also in love. I want my house to be so full of such wonderful needlepoint!


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    I especially like the bargello set. I worked a 4-piece bargello set a few years ago. I framed them and they hang on my wall. One design leads into the next design, for an interesting (and colorful look). I never thought of making a bargello blanket, though. Hmmm….uh oh! not another project!!!
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

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    OMG! Thank you so much for bringing Daphne Goodyear’s amazing work to our attention. Every item shown is magnificant. My favorites, which it was difficult to decide, were the pieces in the master bedroom. Janet, did you notice the finial on top of the post of the four poster bed? She has quite the flair for choosing upbeat and whimsical pieces. Very inspiring! Thanks.

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