Diagonal & Eyelet Index for Stitches for Effect

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This week we’ll list the diagonal and eyelet stitches from the Stitches for Effect books. Each is listed by its name. After the name you’ll find the volume and page number.

I – Stitches for Effect
II – More Stitches for Effect
III – Even More Stitches for Effect

Remember all these stitches are also in their “Just the Facts, Ma’am” book, Stitches to Go.

Eyelet Stitches

Daisy I-29
Diamond Eyelet I-30
Square Eyelet I-49
Eyelet Variation with Hungarian II-43
Algerian Eye III-34

Diagonal Stitches

Alternating Continental I-22
Byzantine 1 I-25
Byzantine 2, I-25
Byzantine Scotch I-25
Encroaching Oblique I-32
Jacquard I-37
Kalem I-38
Milanese I-40
Nobuko I-40
Oblique Slav I-41
Oriental I-42
Slanted Gobelin I-48
Woven I-53

Damask II-39
Diagonal Hungarian Ground II-39
Diagonal Knitting II-40
Diagonal Weaving II-41
Giant Horizontal Interlocking Gobelin II-45
Gobelin Bars with Tent II-46
Hesitation, II-47
Horizontal Interlocking Gobelin II-47
Interlocking Gobelin II-49
Kennan II-49
Moorish II-51
Original Helen’s Lace II-53
Serendipity II-59
Souffle II-59
Stardust II-61
T Stitch II-61
Woven Trellis Variation II-65

Ashley III-34
Byzantine 3, III-36
Byzantine 4, III-37
Chottie’s Plaid III-39
Criss Cross Hungrian III-39
Diagonal Stitch with Mosaic III-41
Diagonal Triple Parisian III-41
Irregular Byzantine III-48
Irregular Jacquard III-48
Perspective III-56
Quick III-57
Snowflake III-62
Staggered Mosaic III-62
Staircase III-63
Swirl III-50
Vee Stitch III-67
Woven Tramme III-69

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