Downton Abbey Comes to Needlepoint

Countess Cora from Rogue Needlepoint

Countess Cora from Rogue Needlepoint

A new designer, Rogue Needlepoint is painting canvases of charming small figures. With one of her new series Downton Abbey comes to needlepoint.

Countess Cora Crawley is the first in a series of characters from this popular TV show.

Rogue will be doing many small figures like this. Also out are a series of military figures, men & women, one for each service branch.

At $30 Cora is a real bargain.

Buy her at Amy’s Golden Strand:


  1. Susan Cameron says

    Could you please tell me if you have any other Downton Abbey figures for sale and how big are they, do they include the floss?

    Many thanks, Susan Cameron

  2. says

    I am not a shop but a needlepoint designer, author, and teacher. I do not carry these items. They have, however, been very popular and a number of shops carry them.

    You might try to do a Google search for the designer, Rogue Needlepoint.

    Keep Stitching,

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