Easy DIY Frame for Small Projects

Make these tin frames for your needlepoint easily

Make these tin frames for your needlepoint easily

I love small needlepoint pieces but I am constantly frustrated by finding ways to finish them. That’s why I love this clever idea from Gingerbread Snowflakes. You can create charming pressed tin frames using tooling foil, tacky glue and tools you have around the house.

Designed for ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), this will work for any small piece of needlepoint. You can make each one unique and hang your work in small groups or make them into nicely finished ornaments.

If you are doing this with a piece on interlock canvas, just cut the canvas close to the edge of the stitching. If you are using mono canvas, you could cut about three canvas threads from the edge if the piece will get light use. If it will have heavier use, finish the edges.

These frames are so clever & so distinctive, you’ll want to make dozens.

Get the illustrated tutorial here.


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