Easy, Quick, Use Up the Stash

huichol yarn painting ornaments

Learn how to make these simple ornaments from gingerbread snowflakes.

Every year around this time I get obsessed with a couple of things:

  1. Making new Christmas ornaments
  2. Using up my stash

This doesn’t mean needlepoint necessarily.

To qualify the ornaments or projects need to be easy. They need to use up lots of thread, and, they need to be fast to make. A bonus is if they can be made with kids.

This delightful project from Gingerbread Snowflakes qualifies on all counts. The yarn paintings of Mexico’s Huichol Indians are adapted to simple shapes, traced from cookie cutters and turned into ornaments.

Though the pictured ornaments use very long strands of yarn, I don’t see why you couldn’t adapt them by using our already cut lengths.

Once the thread (or yarn) is glued on, you could go even further and add embellishments.

This is so easy to do and something that would be great to share with kids.

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