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Day 5: Fish and Fowl from Ehrman Tapestry

Every August, Ehrman puts out their annual catalog. Although I’ve gotten it for years, I generally don’t write about it. But this year I’m so excited by the kits that I had to tell you about it. Throughout the article the pictures are from some of my favorite kits.

Klimt Jade, from Ehrman Tapestry

They have over 50 new kits, all of which are summarized on a section of their website. There are new kits by several of their designers, such as Kaffe Fassett (many florals in various styles), Margaret Murton (a great vase with flowers), Raymond Honeyman (a paisley to die for), and Candace Bahouth (lots of new canvases in the Klimt series). There’s more from all these designers, including an amazing tapestry, Arcadia, from Bahouth.

Georgian 1, from Ehrman Tapestry

There are also some lovely canvases from Beth Russell. There are several lovely Victorian canvas of roses with various bugs on her signature Morris blue and a pair of canvases called Georgian 1 and 2, that have more folk art-like flowers and brighter colors.

Mexican Birds, from Ehrman Tapestry

New artists are represented as well. My favorite is Alex Beattie whose Creation series, pictured at the beginning of this post, has one canvas for each day of the biblical creation story. This series full of color and pattern is simply amazing. Another one is Janet Haigh, who has a lovely series of canvases based on Mexican art, often with multi-color backgrounds.

Although I wish I had time and money to stitch them all, they have organized their catalog in a new way that makes serendipity a part of the process. This makes browsing through it a particular delight.

Cockfight, available from Ehrman Tapestry

In the catalog two-page spreads are organized either by theme (such as Blooming Marvelous, which has for Fassett florals) or by color (such as Barnyard Reds, which has Brandon Mably’s two wonderful roosters).

A great thing about this type of organization is that it allows you to search for canvases by the color scheme in our home.This gives you a nice starting point for viewing the collections.

This catalog is a wonderful place to indulge in needlepoint daydreams and to stitch for stressless needlepoint.

I worry sometimes about the cost of high-quality needlepoint kits, so I did a little price comparison. A Bahouth Klimt kit, 14 x 14 is $90. A Claire Murray kit the same size is $130. A Bradley 12″ kit is $170. All kits include the canvas and threads with a color picture of the finished piece. The Bradley kits also include a chart and the Murray kits are done to order.

All in all the Ehrman kits are a good deal.

Check out my the post for tips on stitching a Bradley or Ehrman kit. I will also do background stitch suggestions for most of these kits for $5, through my Stitch Guide site.


  1. Sylvia santavicca godson says

    Hi happy holidays, I have always been very pleaded with any product Ive purchased from ehrman…quality has been great. I,m an avid needle worker for over 50 years, am interested in the 6creation designs by Alex Beattie…
    Again, happy holidays Sylvia santavicca goson Naples,flrida

  2. Anne Truesdale says

    Since I found Ehrman through the New York Times, I have ordered from no one else. They are a bit difficult to stitch at times,but what could be more boring than an easy canvass when you are an enthusiast? Each piece is a work of art…. beautiful colors, original designs….. very British. After all, the Europeans are a bit further along than we are in terms of original design in this field and each piece I finish is a triumph for me and for my friends and family! Thank you, Hugh Ehrman for this marvelous group of needlepoint pieces!

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