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Finishing 101 by Pat Mazu has a wonderful subtitle, “A Workbook of Techniques and Encouragement.” If you have ever wanted to learn how to finish your own needlework to the quality of the professionals, get this book. It is, quite simply, the best and most complete book on finishing ever.
It’s not a book to read through, but to use when finishing a particular item. For each type of finishing explained, the instructions are complete and detailed. If you want to finish a Hot Air Balloon Ornament, turn to page 58, it’s all there. Lots of pictures accompany each finish and important details such as cording, hangers, and trims are explained.
Before the instructions for finishing the items, there is a section on making decorative cords with three types of cord explained. An easy method to make a tassel is also included.
Opening the book are several chapters on general finishing topics. In them you will learn how to lace needlework onto a mounting board, how to prepare needlework for finishing and how to test thread and yarn for colorfastness. There is also a chapter on general construction materials and information. The whole book is packed with the most useful stuff.
Pat is a well known needlework designer and the cover and first page show examples of many items she and others have designed that are finished according to the methods in the book.
She is also committed to keeping her list of sources up to date, My copy of the book came with a sheet which provided alternatives to a resource that has closed. The book is available as a comb-bound book or 3-hole punched in a zipper bag. This version is more flexible and a better choice.
If you’ve ever wanted to finish your own work, rush out and get this book. It’s available at many needlework stores and on-line at Ruth Kern books and Stitches from the Heart among other places.


  1. Nancy says

    Janet, do you have a recommendation on where I might find this book? My LNS seemed not to know how to order it. Thanks.

  2. Chris Wilson says

    Am interested in a book with finishing techniques. I want to make a padded book with 5 small finished pieces. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks! Chris

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